Post instructions and site responsibilities are explained and tested
Updates on general security, site specifics and employee evaluation and testing are done monthly.
Lecture and video in a classroom setting.
Better-than-average benefits create a sense of future and belonging.
Using our proven profiling system, InnerView™, employees are placed in positions that best suit them.
A 16-step selection process is rigorous and strictly enforced.
14 background standards and 18 physical and mental standards must be met.
Focused on referrals, our best candidates come from sources other than the newspaper.
Conducts Monthly Service Calls to review activities and create action plans.
Roving Field Supervisors have daily contact with employees and train on post.
Constant commnication with our employees keeps open lines of communication.
47 service standards are enforced through systems and controls.



Scan over the Building Blocks for a brief description of how we develop a strong security solution.

Talk to any Weiser Manager or Supervisor and you will quickly hear about our Five R ’s of Employee Engagement. Relationship, Recognition, the Right Match, the Right Expectations and Respect help guide everyday communications with our employees.

  • Develop positive Relationships to improve the workplace.
  • Recognize officers to build self-esteem and pride in the job at hand.
  • Make the Right Match between employee and task to reduce turnover.
  • Set the Right Expectations to ease anxiety and promotes productivity.
  • Demonstrate Respect to all employees at all times.

The 5 R's

Recognition Programs are our commitment to letting our officers know they are appreciated. Client Commendations, Certificates, Uniform Ribbons and Awards are routinely distributed.