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Almost 50 years ago, after a career as a highly-decorated police officer and manager of two successful security firms, Earl A. Weiser realized there was something missing that caused other companies to fall short of exceptional service.  It was the unacceptable way Security Officers were being treated.  In 1970, he founded Weiser Security Services, Inc.  His vision still drives the way we treat our officers today.

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Achieving Quality Through Comprehensive Personnel Training

February 3, 2016

In addition to proper placement, to make a great security officer, comprehensive security personnel training is critical. Four types of training ensures that our officers provide the highest quality of service possible. Gallup says Weiser Security provides better training than 82% of all organizations worldwide. Click below to read more Comprehensive Security Training

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Why Weiser

February 1, 2016

At Weiser Security, we attribute our proven success to the strength of our employees. We follow a recruiting and screening driven hiring approach that guarantees the placement and retention of security professionals that are motivated, qualified and custom fit for each of your unique security needs. To read more click the link below. Why Weiser […]

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