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Weiser Security Services, Inc.

Providing security services and solutions that are specialized and cater specifica to your industry.

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Today’s threats require a sophisticated approach to commercial security. We bring clients of all sizes ...

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At Weiser Security, excellence is built one career at a time. Interested in joining our team? Click here to...

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Understanding your security needs is the first step in protecting your assets. Weiser Security has compiled ...

Trust and Respect

Almost 50 years ago, after a career as a highly-decorated police officer and manager of two successful security firms, Earl A. Weiser realized there was something missing that caused other companies to fall short of exceptional service.  It was the unacceptable way Security Officers were being treated.  In 1970, he founded Weiser Security Services, Inc.  His vision still drives the way we treat our officers today.

Recent Posts

Houston North Security Officer Saves a Life

May 20, 2016

Security Officer Georgia Smith, of our Houston North Branch, was on duty one afternoon when she found an employee of our customer on the ground, unresponsive. Officer Smith immediately contacted 911 and notified the client. She created space for the paramedics to help get our customer’s employee to the hospital safely. Their employee was moving […]

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Trend to higher minimum hourly pay to test contract agencies

May 17, 2016

It doesn’t seem long ago when the security industry was concerned about the $10 per hour threshold for NYC, Washington, DC and CA service providers. Now the new threshold is becoming $15. In CA, the current $10 per hr. will rise to $15 by 2022. In NYC the increase minimum will be $11 this 12/31, […]

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